Thinking Egg

Brass Metal
Howlite Stone
Lava Stone
Tiger's Eye
Damascus Steel
Crystal Quartz
Thinking Nest 1.0
Thinking Nest 2.0
Thinking Egg - Brass Metal
Thinking Egg - Howlite Stone
Thinking Egg - Lava Stone
Thinking Egg - bamboo
Thinking Egg - Tiger's Eye
Thinking Egg - Sandstone
Thinking Egg - Damascus Steel
Thinking Egg - Jade
Thinking Egg - Crystal Quartz
Thinking Egg - Thinking Nest 1.0
Thinking Egg - Thinking Nest 2.0

Thinking Egg

$17.00 USD

Brass Metal


We know what you’re wondering, and the answer is no, it’s not for that. This egg is for external use only. It’s meant to serve as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the present moment, which, as we all know, can be incredibly hard to do these days. It’s available in a variety of all-natural materials, such as lava stone, bamboo, or jade, all of which help connect you to the natural world and act as a beautiful addition to your meditation practice. (And, again, for external use only.)

  • Focuses your attention during meditation
  • Helps to combat anxiety, stress, and distraction in your day-to-day activities
  • Elegant, ergonomic, and portable for a perfect fit in your hand or on your desk or bookcase
  • All-natural materials for a connection between you and the natural world, even when you're stuck inside
  • A minimal and functional base design that allows the Thinking Egg to stand balanced while not in use
  • Available in a variety of elements: brass, howlite stone, lava stone, bamboo, sandstone, damascus steel, jade, and crystal quartz
  • Varying weights, textures, and elemental composition that are specific to each natural element 

Hold in your hands, and use it as a center for your attention, allowing you to slow down and practice mindfulness. 

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