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Hello Gorgeous Tea
Hello Gorgeous Tea - Hello Gorgeous Tea

Hello Gorgeous Tea

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These super convenient, mess-free, take-anywhere tea strips are packed with 26,250 micrograms of stable and bioavailable antioxidants, and made in California from biodynamically grown olive leaves. Naturally caffeine-free, Olyxir olive leaf powder is patented for its unusually high content of oleuropeosides (aka polyphenolic compounds with super high antioxidant activity), including oleuropein and verbascoside, flavons, flavonols, and other phenols. 

Combine that with high-vibe rose extract, the brightness of lemon, and the sweetness of honey and you’ve got a powerhouse blend of antioxidants, botanicals, and natural compounds that will soothe and reinvigorate your day.

Learn how this tea tastes good and curbs your appetite here.


Add 1 instant tea strip to a cup of hot or cold water

Steep for 10 seconds, stir and enjoy.

Add any milk creamer, or sweetener of your choice.

Try it chilled by blending 1/4 cup ice to your brewed Olyxir tea.

Organically grown California olive leaf, glycerin, cellulose, natural honey flavor, lemon extract, rose extract.

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