Face Towel - Single White

Face Towel - Single White
Face Towel - Single White
Face Towel - Single White - Face Towel - Single White
Face Towel - Single White - Face Towel - Single White

Face Towel - Single White

$35.00 USD

Introducing a new way to think about your face towel and how important it is to keep your face free from bacteria that cause many leading skin concerns. Oily, combination, sensitive or dry, this face washer is suitable for all types. Made from a unique blend of antibacterial, eco-friendly fibers it’s designed to be soft, combat acne causing bacteria, and spend less time in your laundry basket.

    Features & Benefits
    • Sustainably derived
    • 7.08 in x 11.81 in
    • Antibacterial - Active ingredients Silverbac™ and Lyocell™ work to breakdown germs and odors, curbing the spread and incubation of bacteria and potent skin irritants.
    • Hypoallergenic -  Lyocell™ and Rayon Bamboo act to gently remove oil, bacteria and sebum without irritating your skin. These irritants are contributors to acne and rosacea.
    • Utilizing the softest and most advanced cellulose fibers, hydrophilic fiber combination leaves your skin feeling hydrated, rejuvenated and supported.
    • Botanical Blend - Derived from sustainable plant based cellulose fibers that support a healthy skin environment.
    • Silverbac™,  Lyocell™, Rayon Bamboo, Aegean Turkish Cotton Tested for harmful substances: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Loom Type: Dobby Weave 700 GSM
    How To Use

    Use wet: gently massaging your skin post cleanse to remove additional oil, grit, and anything else stubbornly sticking around.

    Use dry: after cleansing, gently pat your face down. You’ll be drying your face whilst stimulating blood flow, helping to trigger skin cell rejuvenation. You’ll also be breaking down any pore-clogging bacteria, dirt, and sebum that could trigger acne, inflammation, and irritation, which is much better than spreading it.

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