Debloat Ade

Debloat Ade
Debloat Ade
Debloat Ade
Debloat Ade - Debloat Ade
Debloat Ade - Debloat Ade
Debloat Ade - Debloat Ade

Debloat Ade

$15.00 USD

Think of this as gut insurance. We all want the freedom to live a little, but some evenings out and some choices come with certain consequences. This little elixir will reset and support your gut health with the power of superfoods like real pineapple and ginger, and boosted with nearly one billion CFU of probiotics per serving. Golde's Debloat Ade easily dissolves in cold water, so all you have to do is stir and sip to look and feel your best. Like all of Golde's products, Debloat Ade is 100% superfood-powered, vegan friendly, and free of added sugars. Bloat Relief for all.

Box contains 6 single-serving stick packs.

Learn why this is one of our go-to's for minimizing bloating.

Features & Benefits
  • Pineapple enzymes support digestion and debloating and bloat relief
  • Probiotics and ginger extract support gut health
  • Tastes like delicious natural pineapple
  • No added sugars, vegan friendly
  • Powder supplement dissolves in cold water
  • Single-serving stick packs for on-the-go wellness, whenever
  • Made with real superfoods + coconut water
How To Use

Add one packet of Debloat Ade to 6-8 fl. oz. cold water for a superfood boost. Stir well and sip.


Organic Coconut Water Powder, Citric Acid, Pineapple Fruit Powder, Natural Flavor, Salt, Turmeric (Color), Organic Stevia Leaf Extract, Luo Han Guo Fruit (Monk Fruit) Extract

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