Chill The F* Out

Chill The F* Out
Chill The F* Out - Chill The F* Out

Chill The F* Out

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Designed for daily dosing, this holistic blend brings together ultimate nutrition and food science with 5,000 years of traditional healing wisdom. An Apothékary classic and popular blend, this serotonin-boosting, stress-busting elixir targets heightened cortisol levels. It tastes like a peppermint hot chocolate, and contains two powerhouse adaptogens, reishi and ashwagandha. This blend makes letting go of stress and inflammation while fully accepting the present with stronger mental acuity a little easier. No sugars, fillers, just 100% pure powdered herbs maximizing the bioavailability of nutrients.

Features & Benefits
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free
  • 2 oz. / 12 servings
How To Use

Latte or Smoothie: Add 1 tsp to your favorite plant-based milk or smoothie. Mix + enjoy.


Reishi Mushroom, ashwagandha , raw cacao, peppermint, coconut cream powder

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