Senia Facial Steamer

Senia Facial Steamer
Senia Facial Steamer - Senia Facial Steamer
Senia Facial Steamer - White
Senia Facial Steamer - White

Senia Facial Steamer

$119.00 USD

Spa day, every day. We love that this high-tech steamer in the sleek, black colorway is capable of both warm or cool mists. Complete with multiple settings and the option of aromatherapy, it gives a deep, treatment-level cleansing experience at home so we can prep our skin like a pro.

Read why face steaming is the key to glowy, youthful skin. 

  • Includes essential oil basket for aromatherapy option, large water tank, and digital display
  • Six different settings allow you to customize your experience to your skin’s needs 
  • Cleansing mode acts as a double-cleansing process to prep you for your facial
  • Hot mode dilates pores to decongest skin and better absorb serums, masks, and treatments 
  • Cold mode tightens pores and locks in moisture
  • Hydration mode moisturizes for optimal radiance and dewy suppleness
  • Oil-control mode regulates oil balance and clarifies clogged pores
  • Alternate between hot and cold modes to wake up and refresh your skin

See full user manual here.

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Face Steaming for GLOWY, YOUTHFUL SKIN

It's about to get super steamy.

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