Total Body Band - Bundle

Total Body Band - Bundle
Total Body Band - Bundle
Total Body Band - Bundle - Total Body Band - Bundle
Total Body Band - Bundle - Total Body Band - Bundle

Total Body Band - Bundle

$120.00 USD

The Total Body Band was designed by athletes, for athletes, but we think it’s great for anyone ready to uplevel their at-home training routines or mix things up. It provides an efficient full-body workout, and weighs less than a pound with hundreds of exercises, so it can fit in the smallest bag to be taken with you anywhere. 

The patented technology and design allows you to work in all ranges of motion for a super well-rounded routine to strengthen and lengthen— it’s basically a gym and a pilates reformer, sans all the bulky equipment. There is zero chafing or discomfort due to the patented Comfort Ankle Cuffs, so nothing stands in the way of your resistance training, cardio, core, or boxing workout, ever. Basically, zero excuses to stand in the way of your fitness #goals. Learn more here and here!

Light - 10 lbs. resistance (gold)

Medium - 15 lbs. resistance (silver)

Heavy - 20 lbs. resistance (charcoal)

Bundle - 10, 15 & 20lbs. resistance (one of each)

  • Light Resistance - ideal for beginners.
  • Medium Resistance - ideal for those already active and looking to add something new to their fitness routine.
  • Heavy resistance - ideal for advanced workouts.
  • Materials: Latex tubing and comfortable ankle cuffs with padding and velcro to strap on each ankle

  • Place each foot through the loops on the band.
  • Velcro ankle cuff around each ankle making sure the logo is facing outwards.
  • Use as resistance training, pilates, cardio, core, or boxing workouts.

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